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Fluido is a multilingual translation agency

No matter which business sector: marketing, commerce, financial, medical, legal, technical, scientific... to mention just a few, we can help you with all your translation projects.

Our partners write fluently in a clear and precise style.

FLUIDO's proofreading services also guarantee that your project will be perfect: a final text without the slightest error.

On request we translate into French, Spanish, English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Danish, etc.


A service


All our translators are qualified and experienced professionals, who work only into their native language. They are graduates, have been recommended to us and benefit from considerable experience in translation. To guarantee the quality of the translations we undertake for you, we take great care in selecting and retaining the best translators.


Every field requires the services of an expert. Most of our partners are freelance translators, specialists in their fields, who deliver a reliable, dedicated service. All of them have a perfect command of the terminology in their specialist fields.


The strength of our know-how allows us to respond quickly to your needs with quality translations.
Our deadlines are those of our clients. We treat each translation project as an individual project, and provide customized support from a single intermediary.


Fluido ?

Adriana Rojas Ponson

Of Franco-Colombian double nationality, Adriana moved to France in 2005.

She has had a varied career, during which she has spent long periods abroad, in Brazil, Israel, Spain and Panama.

Her curiosity about the cultures of the world stimulated her taste for languages: Spanish, French, Portuguese, English.

A graduate of the Edvenn academy (registered with the CNCP – French National Committee for Professional Certification) and a keen entrepreneur, Adriana created the FLUIDO Translation Agency.

With FLUIDO you can rely on a quality service, which combines expertise in translation techniques with knowledge of how international business works.

« FLUIDO’s multicultural nature gives us a better understanding of the issues our customers find important. »




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Adriana Rojas Ponson
+33 7 82 19 98 75

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